Behind The Making of “No Chaser” The Series

Exclusive Interview with the founder and creator of No Chaser, LaPorsche Jackson

The idea came from LaPorsche Jackson internet stalking potential dates with her friends. They were all single, living in New York, and trying to navigate their dating lives. They’d go to social media to find answers to questions like “What does he do?” “Who’s that girl in this photo from 40 weeks ago?” and “How much money does he make?”

This led to Jackson looking beyond Instagram and Twitter for answers to deeper questions. Eventually, she decided to make a show for Black women about Black men, answering questions they had always wondered.

She packed all her experience and expertise into a six episode web-series called “No Chaser.” But just like the internet stalking, she didn’t do it alone. Jackson called up two old coworkers: Brandon Nick and Kelsey-Marie

Brandon is the director of photography and producer, he’s responsible for the visual quality of the show. Kelsey Marie is the creative producer, she develops the content and episode topics with LaPorsche and heads branding.

Brandon, Kelsey-Marie and LaPorsche met while training at the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. They spread out to work on different projects but stayed friends and eventually became coworkers again… and then again.

“We did season one together and you know it was new, it was fun, it was very scrappy, and a couple years later I hit them up and said, ‘Would you guys be down to do a season two?’ And we’ve all grown so much professionally, relationally, I think the topics are better, the conversation is better this season and just the content and the production is so much better, but I’m just so happy to do it with them again because they’ve really been my partners in the whole thing,” Jackson said.

‘No Chaser’ season 2 was released every other Sunday for two months. In between they would interview cast members on topics they discussed in the show.

“No Chaser” the web-series led to a bigger project, Jackson’s very own production company.

No Chaser Productions was always Jackson’s dream. Since before she did her first internships with the Rachel Ray show and CBS, she knew she wanted to start her own production company. Now that she’s made one, she’s expanded her vision to double as a creative collective. The name of her company reminds her of the risks she took to make it happen.

“I know the name can sound funny – like what is she talking about, alcohol? But it just represents, for me, putting myself out there and doing it,” Jackson explained. “So, I named the production company after the first project, and it’s also a creative collective where I build platforms and opportunities for creatives.”

Jackson strives to make a clearer path between Black creatives and influencers and their sponsors, she also helps them find opportunities and new platforms.

Watch “No Chaser” Season 2 available only on YouTube and support the series by shopping their merch.

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