Battle of the Club Producers

A new virtual competition that’s uplifting an entire culture.

The past couple of months have been rough. Luckily, our time has been preoccupied with snackables and music duels between some of the most talented individuals in the game. And no, I’m not talking about the Verzuz series created by multi-platinum record producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland––I’m talking about the Jersey Club Producer Battle formulated by club artists DJ Dru and R3LL. 

In late-April, a flyer circulating the Internet announced a nation-wide contest pitting club producers against each other. The Jersey Club Producer Battle began with over 30 entries; since then, only 20 contestants have progressed in the competition. With the third battle underway, participants can expect to feel the heat now that all eyes are on them. 

From the viewer’s perspective, the battle appears to be all fun and games, but it’s a little bit more than that. Like any competition, rivalries and old beefs could destroy a beautiful thing. Fortunately, the Producer Battle has only brought people together and let bygones be bygones.  

DJ Dru and R3LL joined forces to create something entertaining and productive for anyone who participates. Because they are so close to the genre, culturally and literally, they are able to see how the Producer Battle overall is impacting their community in a positive way. 

A lot of club producers came from nothing and learned to create music with little to no guidance. With the Producer Battle, it doesn’t have to be every person for themselves. Each musician has the opportunity to sharpen their skills and connect with other artists in different cities. More importantly, it keeps the youth busy and provides them with an outlet to express themselves creatively.  

Join the rest of the club community and stream the next Jersey Club Producer Battle Sunday, May 17th live on YouTube.

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