Basement Tapes is Enhancing Online Musical Experiences with Analogue Video Synthesizers

Basement Tapes—an audio and visual experience curated by DJ Lita, Anthony Flores, and Starr Prophets—is entering its second year of production. Since it’s conception, they’ve connected with Sydfalls, Dee Diggs, DJ Freedem, El Blanco Nino, JWords, Marvelito and Ase Manual of Like That Records, and Jersey Club Queen UNIIQU3.

Basement Tapes is all-around unique from the artists that are selected for each episode all the way down to the formulation of the analogue videos that are stitched together using synthesizers. It gives off this nostalgic feel for any viewer who tunes it live but it’s even more relatable to the artists themselves because the visuals we see are chosen after completing a questionnaire asking them about their interests. 

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A lot of thought, creativity, and time goes into Basement Tapes and it’s probably the reason why there’s a mild break between each episode. Basement Tapes’ most recent episodes featuring Sydfalls and Dee Diggs are their best episodes yet! There’s personalization in the way the videos were constructed; for example, there’s a video snippet of Dee Diggs in a record store digging for vinyl. It adds more personality to the artist, especially for someone who has never heard of them before. Plus, having those moments displayed intertwined with a psychedelic feel creates a better experience for any viewer. 

Check out Basement Tapes on Mixcloud or website and be sure to follow them on Instagram for immediate updates.

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