Bare Canvas Sounds X SOV Presents: Epic Art Party Noire

On January 15, friends and strangers gathered for another installment of Epic Art Party: Noire at the cozy venue, Basement Two Nine. After partnering with SOV’s promising artist, Lono Bristol, Bare Canvas Sounds stepped it up a notch with their delivery for this extravaganza.

The epic art party, or EAP, was first brought about a few years ago when Bare Canvas Sounds (BCS), formerly known as the Collective, revamped its agenda as a NYC-based art and entertainment group. The members of the BCS are more than just DJs, producers, visual artists, and audio engineers. The sole purpose of EAP was to bring together people of different circles into one room and see the unlimited possibilities of combining art with music with video games with cereal.

Flash o Boy (@dogfartcake2)

Epic Art Party: Noire was ultimately special in comparison to previous EAP’s. This past Sunday was a celebratory night for the Flatbush artist, Lono Bristol, who recently released his first EP, Inauguration Day. Those who attended were welcomed for the listening party before the release date, as well as a live showcase viewing of Bristol’s prominent music video, Used To Do. Everyone gazed their eyes to the projection screen where you heard chants, cheers, and gasps from their mouths.

It was a momentous night, not to mention the free Henny French Toast available to the attendees. That night was full of smiles, tears of joy, laughter, and non-stop movement. “There’s simply no words to describe it,” says George Davidson (Silkyblack) of BCS. In a sense, there are no words to describe this epic art party. Between the music, vivid lights, 2 hour open bar, friendly space, live body painting, and the dancing, the proper word that could be used to describe this event was EPIC.

(You can find Lono Bristol’s Inauguration Day on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and DatPiff).

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

Twitter: @unratedebony

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