“Although We Are Terminal_Robots Can’t Take Showers,” A Sonic Performance by Voir

Emphasizing the beautifully innate ability humans have for acknowledging their fragility and continuing to learn and grow in spite of that weakness. Fragility is not unique and vital to share.

Brooklyn-based music producer and visual artist, Steph Butchko or Voir, released her second album, “Although We Are Terminal_Robots Can’t Take Showers” October 10th. We join Voir in this 8-track sonic experience where we learn about true isolation and mortality.

“Although We Are Terminal_Robots Can’t Take Showers” is a surrender or the relief of acceptance and exposing vulnerability. In Voir’s last project, abandoning the weight of humanity was its main focal point, and now we have come to this fear of being abandoned by both God and Neighbor. Because these feelings are not unique to a single individual, Voir is willing to share this experience with the rest of us.

Listen to Voir’s “Although We Are Terminal_Robots Can’t Take Showers” below or stream it on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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