AGATH CHRIST sends you reeling with new song, “Beg”

Montreal artist Agath Christ wilbreathless with new song, “Beg”

Agath Christ, shared their latest single, “Beg” on April 6. The song is self-produced and features a heady drum performance from Liam O’Neill of SUUNS.  The industrial track is a dizzying exploration of introspection, relationships, and narcissism. 

“After a long-term relationship ended, with a partner who would repeatedly tell stories that elaborated her own grandiosity, I became quite aware of the opposite end of this spectrum, where-in narcissism manifests itself in a lack of confidence and, personally, my own history of fighting demons and, particularly, a crippling issue with body-image,” he says. “This horrifyingly dazzling balance—the tightrope we all navigate between these extremes—is the subject of the song.”

The song’s music video, directed by Francis Leduc, was released on the same day. The harrowing visuals show Agath go into a tailspin of emotion in front of fast-moving projections. 

Check out the music video here. Check out the song on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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