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Eazy Jeezus Caps $75

This past Black Friday was full of smiles and warm laughter at the 3EAZY event at Cantina Royal. A group of young artists, hailing from New York City, collaborated for such an eventful night in Williamsburg, which included the release of CMartyMar‘s “Eazy Jeezus” cap collection — created in collaboration with ENJNYC and Nazdaq, and inspired by the mixtape, Eazy Jeezus. There was also a live painting by Ike Slimster, and a special performance from Nazdaq.

Between the promo video being projected off the white walls, and the upbeat sounds booming from the DJ booth that kept everyone moving, there was never a dull moment at the 3EAZY event. Even the occasional case of wallflowers were able to enjoy the creative process of Ike Slimster, who was going over a canvas of a few of hip hop’s greatest legends. When asked why he covered Tupac’s face with the Brooklyn bridge, Ike simply responded, “I don’t think he really fits in with everyone being from the East coast.”

Portrait by Ike Slimster (Photographed by @UnratedEbony)

While everyone was up and about, mingling and sipping on sangria, you were being entertained by the reggae infused edm sounds of Bare Canvas Sounds‘ Wah Gwan Twon and Silkyblack; and the eccentric rhythm of afro-beats from ENJNYC‘s Emajor and Charlie J. Of course, there was some hip hop and r&b thrown into the mix for the enjoyment of the hundred-so attendees.

We can’t forget about Nazdaq’s performance that literally had the entire room’s energy. With a few of his WCCR family, the college radio station at the City College of New York, it was almost surreal of how enthusiastic the audience was during Naz’s performance. Even in the moment every artist hopes to never come to life (forgetting the lyrics to their own song), the crowd sung the words for him, and it was such an amazing sight to witness.

The back room of Cantina allowed the colors of Ike’s artwork to pop out and give off this warm vibe that resembled that of Nigeria. Friends and family came out to show support, and it only added a little culture into what is now known as a “gentrified” Brooklyn. The cherry on top? Three beautiful Nigerian dancers spicing up the room with rhythm and colors.

Photographed by @UnratedEbony

All in all, the 3EAZY art show and showcase was a success. It brought together familiar, and unfamiliar faces, it opened the eyes of many individuals who would’ve never thought of bringing art and music together in this type of atmosphere. Plus, a few lucky winners went home with one of the “dad hats” from CMartyMar’s collection that was displayed that night. So if those individuals didn’t come into the event with something, at least they didn’t leave empty-handed. #IMO no one left empty-handed.

*You can watch the promo video from that night here at HangTime Magazine.

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

Twitter: @unratedebony


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