Month: December 2019

Trassh Vampire’s ‘Suicide!’ [REVIEW]

The Miami-based rapper is another addition to the “I Don’t Give A Fuck” Club. There is a line that is unquestionable proof of the absence of any fuck: “We out here, don’t ever give a fuck.” Case in point. The music as a whole, paired with the visuals that dropped the same day, tell you that Trassh is not an authorized retailer for fucks. It’s an eerie, yet visually appealing experience that fans are sure to enjoy.

Renegade’s “Lowkey” [REVIEW]

Renegade chooses a calm, looped, soulful beat to deliver his message to the masses. And a message is exactly what the song sounds like. “Ain’t no more poppin’ out, you know I’ve been lowkey.” This reads like a tweet from someone who is on the brink of hibernation. And for an artist in a city as poppin’ as Atlanta to claim that they’re going to avoid the bullshit and stick to themselves, the words hold a lot more weight.

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